(Oriental international is met) the face that the girl has been done by me is red


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[playtime] : 11.1
[J S name] : Did not ask
[J S native place] : Jiangsu
[J S age] : 17
[J S amount] : 60+
[recreational project] : ISO
[recreation costs] : 998
[evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
[recreation comments on] : ToQ15The overall assessment of date serves namely exquisite, nature is gentle, KBVery marvellous, MLBe mad! ! According toSunshineThe director says I arrived to sign up for next downstage all the timeSunshineThe name of the manager, serve next unripe get me to changed a dress to enter rest room. LaterSunshineCome over to taking me to choose the wife of a prince, the field choosing the wife of a prince here is quite big also, it is I had seen most the field choosing the wife of a prince of air. The place that chooses the wife of a prince at the same time is in corridor is sideways, the field choosing the wife of a prince here is a hall, of enough air, wantMeeting placethe boss is enough also air is boundless, I guess him haggard very big, after he has thought for certain, can have a lot ofJS, local small look does not fall, growl g

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  • rowl~~~~~

              I also do not have the course that chooses the wife of a prince muchHesitant, feelQ15Number is good ordered come down. ThisMMThe figure is correct, hold out galley proof, you think her to do not have what namely other reason! ThisMMNature is good, belong toBelong toBe without a headBe without a headHungry, the service is exquisite also.

                Come to a big room ins

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  • ide, the girl helps me take off the dress, help me rinse first next, girl service is very active, I feel to look for wife to look for this kind of affirmation to won’t be in an unfavorable situation, present woman wants a thing, marry be about to search can law-abiding madam makes the same score a style of storytelling popular in the Song Dynasty to be able to get along a bit lesser, the girl affirms even if not 2 choices, what I say is true! The girl helps me rinse private parts I sit to hold out interesting hollow out chair in, Next the girl arrives below me add me below, lean comfortable died, want to move this chair really come home, growl growl~~~~~GirlLickI am too comfortable, I say not to stop! ! ! , Q15Date more the side of exert to one’s utmost I lick a side my mouth, I what lick am direct shipment! ! ! All is shot was in in the girl’s mouth~~~~My desire got sufficient satisfaction, tiredly the dot does not sit, the head also faints a bit. I also no matter the body is wet with respect to lie

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  • down on the bed. MMWiped the body to also come over subsequently, I say to let me hold in the arms , the girl is quite good still, come over to sticking me to lie beside me, SmallThe bird depends on a person like, I sleep to wake partly partly where rested to meet, when physical strength restored me to a

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  • lso did not rest more, time is money! In letMMHelped me blow meeting, go up next, I feel the girl is the kind that I like, cannot say why, resembling is some people like sweet, some people like sweet same, I feel the girl is the taste that I like, I am holding her in the arms to die to death, the girl’s cry sounds very true also, my emphatic does her girl gently groan, get on for

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  • excited dot, I press girl both hands in the

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  • head of a bed, the face that the girl has been done by me is red, I see final shipment time, 15Minute went, lean! Do not have for ages so abiding passed, I what do still feel the waist is acerbity now backache, encounter me what like namely probably ability will be so abiding.

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    [recreational address] : In relief road of warden of Shanghai Yang Pu stands by Ning Guolu, sunshine phone / small letter: 13661981889 QQ number: 3106474631 QQ group date: 567981374
    [recreational map] : Q15