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[playtime] : 8.24
[J S name] : T28
[J S native place] : Dalian
[J S amount] : 40+
[recreational project] : 90 minutes of SM
[recreation costs] : 898
[evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
[recreation comments on] : Was away on official business a few days, other place industry of this kind of entertainment and Shanghai sincerity are do not have law comparing, after coming back afternoon, come home sleep shut-eye, woke more at 5 o’clock, the DD that becomes aware ready to do sth, that must want to search look for Le Zi, bring gift to it, go here nature is first selection, saw friend circle come again a few right new course, tha

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  • t tries, fine of connection good fine drives set out, the place is very convenient still, distance also shortened many, after going upstairs, changed one shoe to take hand card, beautiful waiting for beautiful will go T stage picks a person, as expected several new face had not seen, come the brand likes here a bit taller, quality has assure, chose this T28 so, it seems is quite melting and lovely, fine fine says to come newly before long, yan Zhi takes on, hahaha, pretty good, that tries you this Yan Zhi takes on ~ After reaching a room people close me to went up to held a girl in arms to kiss a few with respe

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  • ct to. Girl sweat and agreeable laughs at move and me to say the elder brother is not impatient, we first disrobe goes washing wash come out I well help your serv

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  • ice make sure you are satisfactory; Saying two people dress can between take off light is solely. Begin to help me rinse when what the girl washs is about the same. When rinsing, touching my whole body with the hand, especially from time to time Rou is dirty my GG. I right now want to go up to do her first directly really one P; Doing not have those who think of is this moment girl crouched to gave me to come first a KB, the likelihood is I did not come out to play for ages, since a few minutes give me,be taken, gave off my today’s the first P. Be SM ISO service subsequently, tell the truth service feeling whole of the girl is very free from worry, when doing a bosom to push especially two greatly if the GG that I still clipped at the back of breasts is not in front this estimates if putting one artillery piece first also S come out. The bed is returned to go up after water mill ends, the sort of pair of N senses that my two

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  • tactics is feeling a girl are very wonderful really. From time to time still kissed a few times with mouth, nevertheless the girl also does not have the GG that at a loose end also is tormenting me at the same time mouth is returned gently a few notes are being played in my side side. Time is gutty think conquer his feeling, right now girl turns over on the body that climbed me. Licking my MM with mouth first, the upper part of the body that develops me arrived all the time I most the position of be deeply grateful. Again intolerable also, make asked to take TT. TT is taken had not waited for my helper girl to come up come a straight yellow Chengdu

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  • , one lever after all. The girl also is old the sound of the JC that calls the YD that began him, whole sound resound is in this room is how be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy. Then I came actively go-cart of an old man turned over the girl to bend over in bedside, I stood on the ground to begin violent attack to the girl’s PP, both hands is catching his big MM. Frightening cry voice of the girl is bigger of my aggression the more violent. Passed big fight of many minutes 20, I bent over eventually finally on the girl’s body. Do I right now seem to had not satisfied him? In the hour that my S gives he or emphatic are using his PP to doing my GG, from the back really washed-up I held the rest with motionless JS in arms a little while. The introduction is not made more at the back of the relation as a result of time, go out to buy sheet after the end 898, the price is open-armed petty gain, nevertheless fine fine says 3 people still have privilege all right, look will want group group next time ~

    Summary: Very pretty good attitude of attending to guests what is very good, the price is cheap also, changing a taste next time. Recommend manager of beautiful issueing fine incidentally small letter of very right telephone call: 13162613869

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