[Rainbow mouth] very tender girl, the girl that play can happen water. . .


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[playtime] : 3.24
[J S name] : 05
[J S native place] : Yunnan
[J S age] : 20
[J S amount] : 80
[recreational project] : SM
[recreation costs] : 598
[evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
[recreation comments on] : The friend gives this store that recommended UniCom recently, tell me to say X price compares one class club, this is X price really to me compare good shop, read the banner on advertisement, as expected the environment is good, girl quality is excellent, added the small letter of UniCom, ask an address clear, still calculated convenient ~~~ to make an appointment with around reached inn ~~~ place partly at 5 o’clock pretty is good search, signed up for UniCom name downstage, change good clothing to follow go T stage sees ~~~T stage do not calculate very b

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  • ig, but girl 60 many, what still stand is quite full, good-looking girl is not little, than girl of red to a final make choice of shop sign, asked next prices, this X price that becomes aware sincerely is compared also is good who don’t have ~~ girl is become warped T, cannot help feeling girl of a ~~ to still say an elder brother to fasten on the road that T very good-looking ~~ goes to a room urgent, wait for can be you, after same ~~ is being caught to enter a room like the cat in the heart of lane, the Xian Wenchun in after equiping on take out body, holding MM in the arms into the bosom is a s

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  • hort while, the skin slips really, service of bed of the water after bathing to be rinsed simply together later did not say more, , , the DD after round of KH crosses the DD that will to the small cherry mouth of the MM on the bed contain XL is magnificent and strong, of course I should be enjoyed well, do not be eager to hope for success so, MM also did not stop buccal meaning, apparent MM development gets a fault, skin of 20 years old is had very much play X, feel is superexcellent, probably 10 minutes or so explode entirely in MM mouth, the feeling is really comfortable, , service very reach the designated positio

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  • n, a lot of when had done than me DL that experiences good ~~~ comes down, MY waits flow a moment to finish fastidiously, it is pretty good really later MM small mouth is contained gently on already cruel the small D T that rise was done a little while, come down to put on battle garment to approach a theme continuously, smoke C to rise, take turns a few poses, work madly rise, quite use a the lower part of the body, exert oneself to do sth. than, abruptly MM body begins to tremble, big long leg dish go up I, I know MM wants to come GC, immediately more emphatic sprint rises, I also feel I wanted to come, MM double leg also is placing me, closer and closer, erupt in a sprint eventually, MM also is to reach peak to

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  • gether, the feeling passed, MM or double leg are placing me closely, admire really, look at the contented appearance of one face of MM, hey hey laugh, MM says the good feel well that elder brother empties, did not come for ages GC, very comfortable. Brother, do not wear covered feeling to differ namely, very assist. Girl very coquettish, final first phase is rinsed below, embrace

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  • together go out. Final UniCom passes to be visited back and forth, this red shop sign is open-armed today is beautiful ~~ special satisfaction, there is good girl to be recommended in time after wanting ~~ of bottle red ox and A star to say, affirmation still meets what come again here.
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