[Static how] went in the protest of small DD over there spaceflight, crossed my day hey, add plan of test and verify


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[playtime] : 3.24
[J S name] : T77
[J S native place] : Hunan
[J S age] : 21
[J S amount] : 80
[recreational project] : SM
[recreation costs] : 1198
[evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
[recreation comments on] : Small recently DD is all the time in protest, want for ages to did no

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  • t take him to come out bright, go up in the street everyday with its YY belles, still be inferior to going SN well bright, contact good spaceflight afternoon, made an appointment T77, this also is when come out last come up against on the road, the girl also is to just issued a bell, brush a body and pass, make person look over unforgettable nevertheless, dark memorization issues number, should go up for certain next time she is one, arrive after inn, ready, the girl comes immediately, coquettish girl is the love of BL as expected, although had not seen, but girl really the appearance of very ripe sth resembling a net, it is after all o’clock, the herself that has gone up possibly forgot, the very familiar appearance ~~ service that must want to install so begins, it is disrobe first, what when X the cover opens is flashy, two big steamed breads breathe out fan breathes out of fan asp, I run over take everything into one’s own hands lives to use me next most the small lip that X feels a grip, JS breaths out the yock that breath out, I but without giving thought to, you hold me in th

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  • e palm to play, played a little while, reacted a bit, I am blown to me first with respect to requirement JS, this is vivid, who don’t have, JS falls on his knees to contain my spear directly, slowly absorb, swinging head, give out in the mouth attack Chi attacks the sound of Chi, still have groan reputation, I am ca

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  • tching JS hair to swing as her head, buy a little while I am washed-up, intense impulse feels and erupt feeling let me be not controlled, ah ah, after a low growl passes, I leave nutrient fluid in JS mouth, I say JS boast time importunate is quite long still, do not know a little while can such, really interesting, 3 seconds elder brother holds to my person two minut

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  • es to had given you outer part, haing haing ~~ will to SM room begin to rush cool make a service, experience one condition of JS making a service, chat

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  • with JS next, do not have a little while I am quiet, because too comfortable, big X, elder brother D people big X, slide back and forth on the back, the big lip that X feels child slowly the back after kiss and licking me, who can restless is enjoyed, do patience of JS of a service introduce with me, when accomplishing DL, JS becomes warped become warped give me a surprise, I feel whole to person collapse rose immediately, good feel well, very urticant, very comfortable, slowly have loosen come down, sat a little while JS calls me face about, have begin a service, play a vertical bamboo flute should be played to me when be like, I say need not, leaving a little while to work energetically, JS laugh laughs say I boast, I rise strong cool into the room, not as a result of, what serves did not want, had caught JS to let her give me KJ forcibly directly, JS very cooperate, did not have me a little while not to fall with respect to golden gun, put on spit garment to begin the dry JS tha

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  • t exert all one’s strength next, yes, be those who exert all one’s strength is dry, because of JS too coquettish, I am overcome this is alluring, I want to abreact the Y fire in my heart, very intense, happy a lot of movement, finally is me really washed-up, let me do Niao because of Mom’s JS, not be GC, be Niao to, a lot of, time is very long also, I this excitement, my hind enters the pose of type, experience JS clang clang NN, one is not controlled, I with respect to S, I feel my S a lot of, be in because of what keep convulsive, at that time two people look the battlefield on the bed to be able to ‘ted help laughing, JS says the aunt that protect clean wants to say me again a little while, what didn’t I say, just shed the smile with attractive the next, went bathing, see time about the same went, came out to blew an ox a little while to go with spaceflight.
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