[coffee is met] when when be in the nude, its are beautiful beautiful figure enough lets person gush blood


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[playtime] : 3 19
[J S name] : 836
[J S native place] : Guangdong
[J S age] : 19 years old
[J S amount] : 80+
[recreational project] : Water mill complete set is not restricted second
[recreation costs] : 798
[evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
[recreation comments on] : After eating a meal in the evening, as it happens is transient, because delivered premium recently, the pocket of XL is then more contented, arrived after the name that meeting place signed up for coffee manager downstage, had changed slipper, be taken by little younger brother then anteroom, chose side of shredded meat of dish of a snow, the edge eats an edge to chat with the manager about the belle here, the manager recommends the T36 that comes from Guangdong like me, face fastens a belle, the figure is carried high, the skin is white, have temperament. The manager knows BL likes to eat tender grass, so BL also agrees willingly
    Took a side, t36 of as it happens is empty, take T36 to anteroom to let BL affirm next, BL turned round JS after circuit, look, do not have a problem certainly, follow a belle one case to mill, arrived mill, after the girl signs up for a bell, begin disrobe, when when be in the nude, its are beautiful beautiful figure enough lets person gush bl

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  • ood, two for nothing steamed bread size just appropriate, the buttock slightly cock, wearing high-heeled shoes again, so the figure is absolutely, after JS is taken off, BL also took off the dress accordingly, JS also has changed slipper, then we begin to do etc. fine while adding water first,

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  • the wolf friend with old age likes to make a service, ah, JS mix up change after water is warm begin to be water mill oily daub on BL body, begin to do a bosom to push, the bosom of this girl is full, size moderate, do so meeting very bright, after doing 5 minutes, begin buttock to push, the girl’s DPP begins to be in of BL hind pushed on the back, it is MY next, MT, DL, the process is same, did not define so
        In finished these, change begin to do one’s proper business, JS helps BLKJ first, although be the belle of Face, but buccal work is not poor, whole process is without tine feeling, have a few times when be being done, gun of capture of within an inch of. Right now JS returns the fluctuation in exert to one

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  • ‘s utmost to cover lane, BL signal begins ML, after then JS uses mouth Dai Hao to cover for BL, rode, begin fluctuation Song to move, just began extent lesser, in JS warbler body the stimulation of delicate language falls, BL began to accelerate frequency, also turn into from

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  • passivit

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  • y right now active, BL presses JS below the body, twitch forcibly, in bang bang bang after hundreds, type is entered after choosing finally, cry in the g

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  • irl’s excessive, BL released first time, begin to rinse then, after be washed, BL looks at JS to grind the figure like ghost, want to be in will prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan, worked to rise in water mill room directly then, play little little brother first hard, had taken next set, female on top, bang bang, after hundreds, let JS bend over to go up in water mill bed, BL pressing begins to do piston exercise on girl body, smoking after inserting number ten minutes, type is entered after beginning, the shifty on the bed is ground one time in water finally hind shot elite, after the end, follow girl kind again a little while hind, bought sheet to leave, I still can look for her next time, this T36 sincerity is pretty good, was worth really.

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