The service JS of goddess level, youthful appearance is beautiful, work is good!

[playtime] : 7.9
[J S name] : K03
[J S native place] : Xi’an
[J S age] : 22
[J S amount] : 60+
[recreational project] : 90 minutes of SM
[recreation costs] : 880
[evaluate integratedly] : Reputably

[recreation comments on] : Paragraph of day did not look for a farmer, still miss a bit really, walk along today, gibberish did not say more, k03 of the pitch on on T stage, growing is favorite kind, say what all sorts of queen, very fierce appearance, aroused oneself curiosity, more affirmatory chose her to come out, after the girl is chosen to come down, also be very polite, pulling my hand, those who return inquire after sb’s health, saying what the ~~ of what looks true to to be warm should notice the body is a service department girl, the reach the designated position ~~~ that each respect does

Enter P room, I begin to be looked up and down carefully, good delicate and charming the rose that is about to drip, gentle and graceful fair maiden, gentleman good Qiu. XL height 170, the girl wears high-heeled shoes tall I am fast half build, protruding hind becomes wa

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  • rped before, x probably B left and right sides, not be very big, nevertheless XL is not X accuses, disregard completely, be filled with be filled with the small pretty waist that grasps, straightforward and slender beautiful leg, sex appeal becomes warped alluringly T, did not keep back directly, holding in the arms press directly on the wall the kiss rises, kissed probably a minute, the girl pushs me, the fastening that act as a matchmaker loves is so urgent, wait for me to take next things. I hey hey laugh continuously, good, taste is really good, go quickly be being answered quickly. The time that catchs XL to take the advantage of a girl to take a package goes SM room was rinsed hurriedly below, wash wipe a girl to also come back, then the girl changes appeal underwear, put the music that Y noes, begin to helping wall twist up to rise from wall edge, from time to time come an eyes that draws a person, XDD instant looks up hold out X, jumped a little while the girl climbs bedside from the ground directly, climb to look at XL with alluring eyes at the same time at the same time, ao Ao Ao, the devil in XL heart already labor force is waited for hair, the girl climbs XL body slowly, direct bestride is on ham, the

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  • n at the same time twist is worn the dress that the body shucked off XL at the same time, hey, one should return as good as one receives, XL also takes the chance take everything into one’s own hands lives the XZ of MM, take off directly, contain that inviting Yan Tao readily next, begin to fiddle with with the tongue, sucking with the mouth, MM begins groan to rise immediately, muttering in the mouth very comfortable, wait for XL to suck bright, MM is pulling XL to stand up from bedside again, crouch to take off the trousers of XL directly then, because be lain between a bit nearly, XDD play come out to be hit on MM face, ao toot, XL at a draught bright broke up, s of within an inch of comes out, MM is laughing to say your stand or fall, I am big happy, worse still be from the back, MM continues twist is worn the body stands up, two pairs of hands wander everywhere on my body, point to slippery move gently, excit

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  • ing pleasure is tightened catch, MM still does not satisfy him both hands that pulls me face about body, on that pair of beautiful R that put my both hands in her, become warped T begins loiter to come to my XDD loiter goes, ao toot, be bright really explode, absolutely B cannot be borne, let MM take out a raincoat immediately, go up to the XDD belt that is like iron and steel already forcedly, one attacks girl, steel gun is held out directly close, MM light tone raves, ah, dub. Right now in the heart of XL be controlled already completely by primitive libidinal place, such stunner, goddess, mild and indirect falls in hip bear joyous, subsequently noise of big bowstring noise is like urgent rain, if small chord be sure to is murmurous, heterogeneous of noise noise be sure to is played, big bead small bead fall jade dish. Must assist one, it is close really below the girl, and still can suck, OHOH, XL ask oneself is long classics battlefield, figh

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  • ting capacity is uncommon, do not have a half an hour to won’t stop commonly, it is primitive natural drive is worn this completely, the combinative reputation of the body of the sound making a bed of be puzzled of MM evil spirit and bang bang bang an

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  • d body is flooding whole room, the as MM be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy JC sound XL after 15 minutes bold and flowing, holding a girl in the arms not to wish to loosen closely, be like,still be hard iron, of firm firm touch deeply in the depth of girl peach garden.

    Holding a girl in the arms to breath a long time, slowly take out, look at ten million descendants is in charge of partly almost in TT, in the heart satisfy indefinitely, do goddess, true value.     Beginning SM to serve, the girl lets XL bend over to make B area service first on SM bed first, help me softly make bath syrup, begin to do XT to me with X next, girl whole individual bends over come up, buckling my shoulder with both hands, slip back and forth up and down, be like,ear still can feel the girl is expiratory orchid. Catch MT, the M below the girl does not calculate the sort of shock model, so the feeling of MT can say to still go only. It is XP next, what girl XP sucks is very close, suck to Pp from shoulder in the mouth among ceaseless, still make a round trip a few times, finish whole hind the back has very relaxed feeling. Girl tongue is belonged to the sort of soft soft kind, MY when can reflect most come out, do not let off with each place to crus from shoulder, very attentive. Make A range then, MT when XDD hard, push XDD over there, girl loiter is worn loiter is worn I also within an inch of gives do, the girl was laughing to pat next XDD gently with the hand, say true not obedient, XL hits a snake to go up along with the rod immediately, dallying with her basically is you too too beautiful, alluring, it is the person cannot help, saying two people to rush to wipe at the same time, to the bed the girl continues to make a service, it is to let XL bending over first, MM begins AM, pressed a feeling a few times very pretty good, along with asking is before professional AM has been done in AM inn, the AM JS of period of time has been done when the girl answers me to say to just came out next, too painstaking did not work so, I say par

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  • donable press so well, pressed a little while, the girl begins to do DL, was this to give XL really greatly surprise, XL plays meeting place so long, this girl is do most of bright, DL is being done before is girl tongue, but this girl tongue is in JH top spin turns however those who enter, I am strapped go, explode bright is had, this still does not calculate, DL about the sa

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  • me after 5 minutes, MM direct current falls continuously, transfer DD from JH, all sorts of sucking, fiddle with, lick, it is the head turns more from the back lay down will contain XDD readily, ao toot, it is the rhythm that wants be raised to the skies, good gracious, I drip a close woman hey, goddess you are God group will save XL really my, this strive for the impossible or illusory things does too TM reached the designated position, I of bright cannot help quickly exploding wide mouth.

    The frequency that looks at girl KJ is faster and faster, XDD even more expanded, I make sto

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  • p hastily, go up raincoat, cuddle is worn the girl gets out of bed, let girl both hands maintain in front of the mirror, the station is entered after the move, smoke from the back at the same time insert, look at the expression that the goddess in the mirror moans at the same time, the Shuang Feng of pair of hand handholding goddess that cannot refrain from, goddess firm firm pressure go up to be smoked forcibly insert, of the girl also gradually by moan in a low voice became put sound to cry, from time to time still mutter fast, again quickly, OHOH, look at the expression that goddess enjoys, XL sudden action stops, the girl still does not have reaction to come over to be pullbacked afresh by me on the bed, change me this to sit in bedside, back of younger sister paper is bending a leg partly to XL, fluctuation activity, I still continue both hands handholding Shuang Feng, all sorts of kneading hold, not too Shu Shuang. Slowly girl effort begins small, reckon time grew a bit, physical strength did not follow to go up, XL holds a girl in the arms to let its lie low be on the bed immediately, raise a beaut

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  • iful leg high, ride directly sit in the girl on another leg, steel gun push forward, holding beautiful leg insanity in the arms to smoke inserting, the girl is mad also crying, feel the girl is true at this moment in the JC that be indifferent, go mouth collect immediately, goddess special cooperate to be mixed actively kiss of XL French tongue, OHOH, close band of back-to-back XL sensation girl is worn

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  • the both hands strength of XL is greater and greater, along with understanding is to want a climax, accelerate rate immediately, still hand in closely with the girl’s tongue tangle together, do not feel the girl is in a little while as expected convulsive, the feeling of goddess of a kind of conquer arises spontaneously, body and J god Dou Shuang arrive acme, look at a girl to be about the wead and limp of GC, XL is taken out immediately the fastest smoke insert speed, spelled a life to work suddenly, after 5 minutes eventually myriad descendants S come out, direct tired paralysis, bend over to holding a girl in the arms to pant only on girl body. Rested to meet, girl well-advised helps my XDD clear clean, washed a YYY again together next, wipe bell room to urge a bell, amiable girl gets dressed, cuddle is worn return rest area, the girl when parting is returned kissed next faces to kiss goodbye, let XL be reluctant to leave sincerely,

    After coming out, did not stay more, the farmer sends buy sheet downstage, go the person comes home, write so long experience article for the first time, hope authority can be great supported ~ ! ! !

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