✿ beautiful beautiful small Sha of delicate and exquisite of ✿ test and verify

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✿ of ✿ netizen address: Min Hang
✿ of ✿ network nickname: Small Sha
✿ of ✿ netizen height: 164cm
✿ of ✿ netizen figure: 36C
✿ of ✿ netizen age

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  • : 23
    ✿ appointment costs ✿ : 400/P
    ✿ of ✿ appointment project: KJ ML
    ✿ of ✿ date time: 1 hour
    ✿:y of date of public of ✿ small letterLysh123
    ✿ evaluates ✿ i

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  • ntegratedly: Reputably
    ✿ appointment experiences ✿ : Face vexed job every day, it is dull in the extreme really, idle will be clicked without the thing, see inadvertently perfect small Sha this name, taking curiosity to be clicked, a youth appears on time computer screen suddenly. Lovely beautiful girl, attracted

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  • me immediately, I continue to browse the information on the website, got QQ number, add enquired a circumstance, and took the telephone call of small Sha, after the heart thinks, organic meeting tries, fast when coming off work, because of a bit bagatelle by boss rebuke one, the mood is depressed come out to take a walk, this wanting that look f

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  • or a friend to come out to accompany me to chat, turn over mobile phone phone thin the phone that sees small Sha, want to look for small Sha to come loose immediately beguilement, dialed the telephone of small Sha, transmit sweet sound,

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  • after the little sister tells me the address, I come downstair, be gone upstairs by little sister remote control, called me the elder brother into what see s

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  • mall Sha is very polite after the door, small Sha still contains a feature bashful, what t

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  • he sister lives is apartment, the environment is OK still, look at warmth having a place, at this moment does the little sister ask I need to bathe I say need not, the little sister comes over to doff jacket for me at this moment, I also took off garment pants, the little sister al

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  • so was taken off accordingly, the skin that sees she is snow-white I am enchanted, I call a little sister to be my KJ first, the little sister’s careful JJ that taking me is contained into the mouth, immediately between the sort of feeling is ineffable true bright, does the little sister still ask I am comfortable at the same time Laugh of my understanding, the little sister also understood to continue to be my KJ, KJ is about the same I am covered to my wearing with respect to signal little sister dry, I like traditional pose, the face that looks at puny belle to be done by me below my body is red, little sister also of light tone calling an elder brother, I cannot suffer temptation eventually, face vision and acoustic double experience explain my descendants to the little sister eventually, little sister of after the event takes paper towel to be brushed for me, put on the dress for me, I am touched very much at that time, after the event of very rare young lady still dresses for the guest take, it is to a kind of small lover feels really.

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