[metropolis place of the desire] good expecting to be met next time is what kind of feeling good feel well

[playtime] : On December 28
[J S name] : 888
[J S native place] : Northeast
[J S age] : 98 years
[J S amount] : 60+
[recreational project] : 90 minutes of SM
[recreation costs] : 698
[evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
[recreation comments on] : Looked for luxuriant and beautiful last night again, like to make an appointment first nevertheless, saw album of luxuriant and beautiful, several very difficult helpers, finally still is make choice of a tender dish 888, northeast girl loves ~~~ age most very small 98 years, the figure is correct, thin thin but the place that has the flesh has again, this everybody understands, long also is perfectly, made an appointment with this girl with luxuriant and beautiful, after picking good person, before be at ease, go to, arrive after inn, room of luxuriant and beautiful has stayed

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  • , very fast girl is brought, because know true person won’t have what error, it is to be at ease very so, true person as expected pretty good, very as[……]

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    [Shanghai – rainbow mouth] : True picture of test and verify and the key of Q younger sister with very good service is recommended (attached drawing)

    [belle address] : Rainbow mouth
    [happy time] : 2016-06-22
    [belle project] : Mouth, roam, filar socks, fierce push, love loves to wait
    [belle age] : 22
    [belle appearance] : Beautiful
    [belle detail] : 95 minutes
    [environmental equipment] : The hotel opens a room
    [happy expenditure] : 700 yuan / P
    [safety evaluates] : Safety comes

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  • ct means] : Q704047880
    [detail of test and verify] : Shanghai

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  • little sister is very much, network times is good, what person can be encountered, perhaps be my luck, look for pluralistic QM inadvertently, meet unexpectedly QM of a highest grade. Just began not to believe the photograph is him, the sister says to do not have video again, but holding tried state of mind in the arms, still called her to come, the little sister enters my room, I dare not believe my eye, the heart thinks the little sister takes wrong room, through the inquiry, colourful really still encountered, a pair of large small holes of spirit of fresh and juicy, dress is very fashionabl[……]

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    00 hind light standard can enter type 90 minutes after go-cart of place old man bright of to one’s heart’s content experience arrives explode

    Do not have for ages so lively passed, after eating good midday meal to change good clothing to phone Kang Kang to had been contactedWent out, drive or so minutes 15 to still hold out atmospheric to his meeting place, here the room of appeal is much also, all sorts of famished look also are your son see everywhere, But the price also is possible, , beat calm T66 mark finally, a cabinet MM, this MM takes off shoe the appearance of 158, but the lethal weapon of MM is not very big, this lethal weapon I feel to have B+ cover cup, when choosing her, I thought of to have the younger sister of Vietnam big tit with paragraph of very red time suddenly, lethal weapon is so plump and smooth-skinned, but cheek is so lovely however, what I like most is this kind of dish.
           Still want to make an appeal room originally, but the person is a bit much when going, that is forced put up with. Come to a room ins

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  • ide, chatted to meet with MM, wit

  • 上海千花坊
  • h respec

  • 上海千花坊
  • t to what begin disturb[……]

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    Lane of girl kongfu deep ~ gets me is streaming with sweat! !

                 The friend calls will make have a meal, as it happens is free to ate a meal together. Wine was drunk after the meal again, billow arrives before dawn. The person of change meal bureau says beforehand meeting place, very long I what did not go playing am unavoidable also some excitement rise. The residence that before going to, goes all the time went then, manager also had waited in the doorway, those who say big tonight empty beautiful

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  • eyebrow is much is, audition elder brother a few excited unceasingly. Choose for us now with respect to the girl with hot figure originally, the person that see is Y excitement pole is burned in fire. Be attracted by the figure of T08 at a draught choose her with respect to the decision immediately.

                 Go in after P room, be cleaned with the girl together. The girl after be being cleaned begins to help me make water bed service, the girl’s s[……]

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    [Ying Yunge] big tit of tender younger sister exceeds strong service 2 times shipment (attached drawing)

    [playtime] :
    [J S name] : (55)
    [J S native place] : (Sichuan)
    [J S age] : (90 hind)
    [J S amount

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  • ] : 10+

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  • [recreational project] : (AM GS XP XT DL MT TT KJ 69 KB )
    [recreation costs] : 248
    [evaluate integratedly] : Super good
    [recreation comments on] : Rain to was not become all the time a few days ago go out to play weather to just clear to wanting to go old base area can be met old friend, BL is headed for alone will in inn nod old friend little younger brother to inform directly just go busy, I am brushed, that is not to should wait very long want to wait a moment originally from the back little younger brother said to just come a few newlywed person are right still, if have cross-eye,the heart thinks look for old friend again next time, go upstairs then see differ meeting come the girl will see 3 pretty good still quite tender chose a bosom big, the girl is very polite especially eye special draw a person, gibberish doe[……]

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    [Xin predestined relationship] : 18 years old! You are too tender, little little sister!

    [playtime] : 2015-6-2

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  • 9
    [J S native place] : Wen Zhou
    [J S age] : 18
    [J S amount] : 10
    [recreational project] : ISO, KJ, 3 push
    [recreation costs] : 200
    [evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
    [recreation comments on] : XL was in yesterday accidental arrive secondhand brother a phone, by his home, attended a meeting a TY newly, look pretty good still, hope XL can sneak away with him together, if illuminating him, say even if, small white rat wants to should become a pair!
    After entering store, see this decorate, it is lofty absolutely go up, especially the droplight of that ha

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  • ll, XL still takes a picture designedly accept as a souvenir below. Got on a building, entered a room, the room of this inn wants than average TY shop room big, and the hardware establishment inside the room is new, very clean, very neat, give a person the sense of a kind of home.
    The introduction issues this JS, this JS that this the manager in inn chooses to XL is surprise letting XL absolutely extre[……]

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    [house of a hot spring] true good a place where people gather for various purposes, sexual price is compared tall not cheat.

    [playtime] : 9.28
    [J S name] : M709
    [J S native place] : Tianjin
    [J S age] : 96 years
    [J S amount] : 50+
    [recreational project] : ISO
    [recreation costs] : Make an appointment happy ¥ 780
    [evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
    [recreation comments on] : Went yesterday happy here, also have been to before, the price sex price of 780 is compared pretty good, do a small Shuang Fei to also be added 200, age is old now nevertheless fly not to rise, choose on T stage issued M709, girl figure is correct, bosom implement very threatening also, look very comfortable, asked happy persuading Wu also is pretty good, that was at ease, the reason that come here is happy quite honest, won’t scurvy ~~               

    After entering a room, discover the room is pretty good still, clean and neat, atmosphere is ambiguous, make a person very comfortable, the girl is being helped first bathe, I and she says[……]

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    Little little sister of billow of coquettish of ▊ ▆ ▃ lets ▊ of ▆ of ▃ of your cannot help doing sth

    Shanghai [rainbow mouth, Yang Pu, Pudong] have a common boundary, highest grade belle, naked and optionalLook below photo, the belle is pie-eyed do not want money! ! ! Need to add only 200, at the same time two belles accompany your Shuang Fei (3 people with happy! )
    [contact means] :
    Phone: 183-0192-8897
    Small letter: Ash606  (add small letter to be able to watch spot video)
    QQ: 3489114509
    QQ communication group: 461636463

    [address] :
    Boundary of rainbow mouth, Yang PuClose Pudong, railway station of Shanghai of close brake north
    (hit getaway valence, the subway can arrive directly at a doorway, drive core is worn high fall to be worn high arrive)

    [business hours] : Arrived at 12 o’clock midday before dawn at 2 o’clock
    [price-list] :
    Full-court water mill 90 minutes, do not be restricted frequency
    Everyday 3Special offer 598, enjoy the quota of people of 798 services, can make an appointment grab special offer quota of people.
    ¥ 680, a card: Cost price 800, make an app[……]

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    [residence of a hot spring of Shanghai] assemble elite of the girl on Shanghai, type of Guan of ISO complete set serves one continuous line

    Welcome to residence of a hot spring of Shanghai
    Assemble elite of the girl on Shanghai, make type of more outstanding Guan of ISO complete set serve one continuous line hard, professional blessing adviser grooms strictly, your the service tenet that approbating satisfaction is us.

    Rainbow mouth a hot spring: Music in relief road – stand by Zhongshan north 2 around
    Sea phone is the same as small letter: 18721724339 QQ:3372865992 Q group: 556414642

    Inn of rainbow mouth high end
    (advocate hit 00 hind: Li of tender dish, young trailing plants, light standard, model, car model, young married woman)
    Characteristic: (come from Dongguan so professional)
    This meeting place girl, customer service comes from Dongguan entirely; Meeting place environment is decorous, decorate luxurious, advocate hit high end, business affairs. Technician service is enthusiastic and active. The S card of o[……]

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    Stationmaster is recommended [inn of Zhang Jie of authentic Guan type] goddess of experience F lethal weapon, highest grade stunner, very exciting, add a bell piece

    [playtime] : 2016-6-2
    [J S name] : 838
    [J S native place] : Northeast
    [J S age] : Feel age is not old anyway
    [J S amount] : 60+
    [recreational project] : SN
    [recreation costs] : 898 yuan
    [evaluate integratedly] : Reputably
    [recreation comments on] : What meeting place place chooses Guan form is then in be troubled by, take static, very much Europe fastens a style, the road counterpoises in the country originally here around, after going in, say to seek Zhang Jie manager downstage, extraordinary be to one’s profit, fold on fold can experience 120 minutes, this X price is compared is tall really.          
    Guan type will be all several Dou Ting are pretty good, before I go, was to take a fancy to, but this girl is absent today, hey, it is good to when should going, ask first. This can look inside place what other meeting sees unlike so earnest, bathhouse and anteroom are together, can change in anteroom directly. I feel or change a suit d[……]

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